Nice Condo offers a catalog of residential furniture, as well as custom furniture, brand identity services, commercial fixtures, interior build-outs and creative collaborations. With a belief that design should be both stylish and streamlined (but never self-serious) and drawing inspiration from movements like Bauhaus, Brutalism and Memphis, each Nice Condo piece is both au courant and enduring.
    All Nice Condo products are designed and made to order in our Philadelphia studio. Each design is a projection of the values we’d like to see more of in the world – furniture should be useful, aesthetically sophisticated, often understated, and always long lasting. For more information about where to buy Nice Condo products, please visit our Stockists page or reach out to us directly. 
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    MATERIALS: white oak, plywood, white oak veneer
    DIMENSIONS: 48w x 23.5w x 99h inches

    Inspired by the curves of the Art Deco movement, the Jackson Highboy was originally designed as a commission for a client in Jackson Heights, Queens. Crafted from a practical blend of solid and plywood construction, it celebrates the arch form in monumental proportions. Designed in three distinct pieces (drawer storage, cubbies and shelving) it is completely customizable. Perfect for installing in challenging spaces, it breaks down and bolts together on site. A true investment piece that makes a room (and makes room).

    All furniture is made to order. Estimated lead time is 10-12 weeks. Trade pricing available. 

    MATERIALS: FDA powdercoated aluminum
    DIMENSIONS: 12l x 12w x 2h inches

    Originally made for the Superhouse Gallery show, “Let Them Eat Off The Plate,” during NYC Design Week 2024, the Colosseum Tray is designed with arched and scalloped details. It makes the perfect theater for fruits, veggies, cakes, and more.

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    MATERIALS: valchromat, white oak, laminate, powdercoated aluminum
    DIMENSIONS: 45h x 30w x 3d inches

    The Chuck Clothes modular hanging system adds flexible storage to your home. The T-slot track allow pegs to slide and and twist-lock anywhere on the board. Made from CNC-routed valchromat and surfaced with both matte and gloss laminate from Abet Laminati, Chuck Clothes offers a highly durable and dynamic solution to your quick storage needs.

    All furniture is made to order. Estimated lead time is 8-10 weeks. Trade pricing available. 

    MATERIALS: eastern ash, aluminum, caldera fabric
    DIMENSIONS: 27.5l x 22.5w x 30h inches

    A De Stijl inspired lounge chair emphasizing parts that comprise the whole and the connections that make it possible. The Camp Chair utilizes simple stick-frame construction paired with industrial elements to produce an object that transcends the common nature of its individual parts. 

    All furniture is made to order. Estimated lead time is 8-10 weeks. Trade pricing available. 

    MATERIALS: walnut burl veneer, plywood, furniture linoleum
    DIMENSIONS: 54l x 15w x 34h inches

    Make an entrance with the Trinity Console Table, handcrafted in wood and finished with elegant imported linoleum and walnut veneer. Thoughtfully designed with clover-shaped legs, gently curved corners and a flat-faced drawer, its graphic symmetry anchors anything it’s paired with.   

    All furniture is made to order. Estimated lead time is 8-10 weeks. Trade pricing available

    MATERIALS: plywood, mdf, furniture linoleum
    DIMENSIONS: 55-75l x 37.5w x 30h inches

    The Colorway Table is a 1980s-inspired form that blends clean modern lines with playful curves and color options. Constructed from high-quality baltic birch plywood and surfaced in furniture linoleum from Forbo, the Colorway combines the minimalist beauty of manufactured materials with the sturdiness and precision you expect from handcrafted furniture. 

    All furniture is made to order. Estimated lead time is 8-10 weeks. Trade pricing available. 

    MATERIALS: plywood, white oak veneer
    DIMENSIONS: 70l x 35w x 30h inches

    A customizable dining table drawing inspiration from both the Brutalist and Memphis design movements. The Belmont Dining Table is comprised of premium quality curved plywood and real wood veneer. It features an oval race track top set on two half-round pedestals joined by a single truss. 

    All furniture is made to order. Estimated lead time is 8-10 weeks. Trade pricing available. 

    TUBE VASE 002
    MATERIALS: powdercoated aluminum
    DIMENSIONS: 6l x 6w x 9.5h inches

    The limited-edition Tube Vases are a series of artfully composed and industrially constructed objects that draw from the formal movements of Brutalism and De Stijl. Each vase is comprised of welded and powder-coated aluminum. 

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