Nice Condo offers a catalog of residential furniture, as well as custom furniture, brand identity services, commercial fixtures, interior build-outs and creative collaborations. With a belief that design should be both stylish and streamlined (but never self-serious) and drawing inspiration from movements like Bauhaus, Brutalism and Memphis, each Nice Condo piece is both au courant and enduring.
    Nice Condo’s graphic design service works closely with clients to produce digital and print assets in service of personal or business needs. From complete brand identity overhauls to birthday and bat mitzvah invitations, we are here to help – but mostly we are here to make an eye catching and funny flyer.

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    YEAR: 2024
    BRIEF: Social Promo Campaign

    Social poster campaign for the 2024 NYC Design Week exhibition, JONALDDUDD. The campaign included a revamped wordmark and a collection of posts designed to embody the irreverent, yet design-aware, tone of the design week mainstay. Posters serve a variety of functions, including calls for artists, information sharing, and roster announcements – all while acting as an expression of the brand vibe. 

    See www.jonalddudd.com for more details. 

    CLIENT: Canteen Juice Bar
    YEAR: 2018-19
    BRIEF: Brand Refresh

    Brand Identity refresh for Portland-based juice bar and vegan cafe. Working closely with owner Brian Heck we oriented the cafe’s identity towards what would later be termed ‘health-goth,’ a counter culture expressions that aligned with Heck’s background in the hardcore music scene of the ‘90s.  These new brand elements employed a combination of mis-matched fonts, pictogram icons, and corporate parody to convey the cafe’s punk ethos. 

    CLIENT: Canteen Juice Bar
    YEAR: 2020
    Brief: Pandemic Posters

    A poster series designed to help the cafe transition from indoor counter service to Covid era window service. These informational posters reminded customers of social distancing regulations and clearly conveyed the new protocol for ordering and picking up food. These posters were made from die-cut vinyl on colored coroplast and hung in the cafe’s windows throughout the pandemic.  

    CLIENT: Nice Condo
    YEAR: 2019-present
    Brief: Promotional Posters

    Various posters from promotional social media campaigns designed to announce upcoming events, such as sales, relocations, and gallery openings while acting as graphic expressions of the Nice Condo aesthetic. The brand’s essential language arfully blends stock icons and simple shapes to produce sophisticated compositions from unremarkable elements. 

    CLIENT: All Summer’s Eve Desert Rendezvous 
    YEAR: 2019
    Brief: Promotional Posters

    Promotional posters for ASEDR’s 2019 event at The Palms in Wonder Valley, CA. Graphic inspiration was drawn from a wide range of sources that include garage and bake sale flyers, as well as the music festival posters of the 1960s. 

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